Turns along the path

When I was an undergrad, I had no idea what the hell I wanted to do. I majored in French language and culture because I’d taken 5 yrs of it in high school, I was good at it, and I had no idea what else to study. I slapped on another major of International Studies because I liked learning about other cultures and there were few requirements that I’d have to take since I’d planned on studying abroad my whole junior year. When I returned and took the one mandatory course for that second major I hadn’t yet satisfied, I was in a class with people who had a minimum of two majors, more often than not 3 or 4, and who all seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do after graduation. I didn’t have a clue. I knew I didn’t want to teach or translate, and with an undergrad degree in French, that’s pretty much all you can do without going to grad school.

As college came to a close, I found myself at the end of a wild phase thinking I’d conform and return to my conservative Christian roots, taking a job as a youth leader at a church in France. My time there marked a huge turn in my evolution as a person on numerous levels. Ironically, it was around that time that I began studying Paganism and Wicca and discovered in those two systems a form of spirituality that finally made sense to me, unlike my Christian upbringing. It was also during that time that my passion for psychology and working with young people resurfaced and I realized one of my greatest assets: my sense of compassion. I decided (conveniently, since my contract was only a year long) to return to the States to pursue graduate studies in psychology.

Since that time, it seems as though pieces of a puzzle have begun fitting into place, slowly at first, and then with quickening speed. One of the books that a very dear friend and spiritual mentor gave to me when I was working in France helped me to understand the reason for this. The book was called Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential. In it, the author discusses how we all have a sacred contract in each life that we determine before being incarnated – the central purpose of that life. Once we begin taking steps toward fulfilling our Contract, things begin to fall into place because that is what our soul is meant to be doing. Roadblocks are cleared, the path becomes open.

I’ve encountered what I’ve perceived as a few roadblocks and other challenges along the way, but every single time, things work out, I learn valuable lessons in the process, and when the dust settles, the way is clear. One of my growing interests within the past couple years is Native American spirituality. I have a set of medicine cards that I read regularly, especially when looking for guidance. One of the cards that has been the most influential as I have endeavored along this journey is Ant. Ant teaches us to trust that the Universe will provide for us when we are working for the good of all, to have patience, and to strategize for the future. Most importantly among those three lessons for me has been trusting in the Universe and not second guessing myself and my Contract in the process.

I leave the city I’ve called home most of my life on June 2nd to venture to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue graduate studies in counseling. Traveling far distances isn’t new to me, but while most of my close friends are now spread across the country, I’ll miss the few I have here. Mostly, though, I realized that I will miss knowing the place I live, being familiar with my surroundings, knowing the city, etc. There’s a sense of belonging in that knowledge that is not developed overnight. And it’s understandable to be a bit anxious about that. One of the things I’ve learned over the past few years is that it does not do to fight against our emotions. Permitting myself to feel a bit anxious is the only way to decrease that anxiety and be able to focus on the exciting new chapter I am about to begin. New cities can be learned, new friends made to add to the old. And new turns along the path aid us in fulfilling our Contract and continuing our personal evolution.


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