Settling in…on a few levels

I have now been living in my new home for exactly a week, though I use the word ‘living’ loosely to describe the first day or two.  My move went very well, Aramis (my cat) was only mildy traumatized but is quite resilient and thus is doing just fine now and enjoying the increase in space, and I’m adjusting to life in the south.  So far, my experiences have been positive ones.  For example, the sun is very different down here.   Sunbathing at 6pm was not a possibility up in Pennsylvania, but seems a common occurrence here in Georgia.

I am one of those people that needs to complete something once they begin it (most of the time), so unpacking for me wasn’t something that I approached with a laid back attitude.   It was a task that needed to be completed as soon as possible.  I also began taking the necessary steps to prove that I am intending to stay here permanently (or for some indefinite amount of time) meaning opening a bank account, determining what actions need to be taken to get my GA driver’s license and taking them, registering to vote, etc.  It hit me around my third day or so here that I hadn’t really stopped to catch my breath, to allow myself internally to catch up with everything I’ve been doing physically.  I knew this was something I needed to take time to do or I would suffer for it.  So, I took more breaks, spent more time by the pool (in short increments), paused to take deep breaths.  I thought I was doing a lot better, so I was a bit surprised when, last night, as I took my first dip in my huge tub in preparation to bless my new home, I realized I still felt extremely scattered.  It took me a considerable amount of time to clear my thoughts and settle myself down.  The change in how I felt after I managed to do so was incredible.  I hadn’t been doing really anything to feed my spiritual self since I arrived here and consequently felt “off.”  As I walked from room to room, though, and sensed myself changing the energies around me and making this place my home, a sigh of relief washed over me and a sense of returning to myself filled my spirit.

I am an introvert, though I can play the role of extrovert pretty well for short periods of time if necessary.  I’ve known this for a long time, and consequently, I’ve realized my need for down time.  If I don’t get it, I’m miserable.  This is the first time, though, that I’ve really come to grips with the effects of not addressing my spiritual needs.  Sure, I’ve noticed differences before, but nothing as tangible as this.  It makes me think of how our needs change as we grow, and how the impact of our lack of addressing those needs intensifies in the growth process.  Spiritually, I think I have grown significantly over the past year, and perhaps I would not have come to see that if not for this experience I’ve had in the past few days.  There is meaning in this and being able to identify that fact lends to the feeling of settling in and feeling at home even more.


One thought on “Settling in…on a few levels

  1. I’m glad you are settling in. We’ve missed you on the forums, but I know you needed this time to “find yourself” in your new home. Another reason it’s probably best that I’m not going to have the time to meet up with you on the vacation trip. You need more time to feel comfortable with your new place before bringing others into it.

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