Giddiness is good

Today I woke up and felt lovely.  How often do you say that?  I know I don’t say it often enough.  I don’t feel it often enough.  But today I did.  Not to say that today was a perfect day.  The aftermath of my allergy attack on Tuesday was still dwindling and refusing to completely subside (in the form of chapped skin around my nose from blowing it so much, inflamed nasal passages, and sniffles – oh my!), the knowledge that I still need to call my car insurance company because the state of Georgia claims that the proof of insurance I submitted when I registered my car was temporary (a load of shit), continued anticipation on my budget appeal for this past summer and the subsequent $1400 some to appear in my bank account, etc.  But it was only about 80F at 10am, I had put together my cute little cafe set on my balcony and was able to eat breakfast out there, and the Universe just felt like it was all coming together.

Maybe it’s because I reread the 5th Harry Potter, read the first one again last week, and reread the ending of the last one the day before yesterday that has me feeling, for lack of a better word, Dumbledore-esque.  Not the supreme, ingenious, uber powerful way.  Instead, in the calm, peaceful, accepting of what happens, and open to learning kind of way.  It’s almost characterized by a sort of detachment from/objectivity in regards to what is happening in my life.  Not in an unhealthy way – in the way I’ve been aiming for: not resisting.

Whatever I want to call it, it has me feeling giddy.  I am filled with  sense of renewed energy and awe at life.  Whoo hoo!!


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