I’m sitting in the business lounge of my apartment complex and staring out the window at a single small tree or large shrub (I’m not sure which – I have yet to really get into gardening and plant identification) in front of the red brick wall that lines the property.  It’s shaped like a triangle but looks like it might be related to the rhododendron.  Its leaves are a flat, light yellow-ish green, bleached by the Southern sun, with certain leaves (or dead blossoms?) crispy brown.  For some reason, it struck me.  There was something about it, some energy surrounding it that made it seem almost out of place or different.  I asked it what it was that I was sensing without even knowing I was doing so until it whispered to me as I sat staring at it that fall was coming.  Ah, of course.  That was it.  That was the energy I was sensing.  Gates opened within my mind and I smelled pumpkin bread and apple cider and a forest full of red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves.  I felt the gentle, beginning chill of winter on my skin and in my nostrils.  I felt the warmth of fire places and soft sweaters hugging my skin.  The time of the last great harvest is quickly approaching (even here in the south, though the weather hasn’t read the memo yet) as Earth begins to center Herself and draw inward for the winter.  Fall and winter: Her centering and grounding. 


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