The promise of fall

Well, the paper is done.  Nothing to do now but turn it in and wait.  I think I did a decent job, but I never really know how the professor will grade, so there’s always that hold-my-breath-and-brace-myself period.  Now, it’s on to study for a quiz tomorrow, though attempting to decipher Jung’s Man and His Symbols is a bit more appealing.

It appears as though fall as begun to unfold and reveal herself a little more.  Her beauty seems to begin subtly before the flashy and vibrant red, golds, and oranges decorate the landscape.  The humidity has vanished from the air in the past couple days (hopefully until next summer), and what remains has been clear, warm sunshine accompanied by soft, cool breezes.  I reveled in the bite that was in the air last night and the need to put on a hoodie over my t-shirt when I went to check my email down by the pool at about 10pm.

I can feel myself beginning to retreat inward as the wheel of the year continues.  Mabon has totally snuck up on me.  I’m glad it falls on the weekend so I can be sure I’ll devote some time to thoughts of balance, harvests, and quiet reflection.  Have to say, I’m also looking forward to having more variety of clothes to wear.  My wardrobe is not equipped to handle southern summers.


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