The Lost Feminine

Yesterday, I read Judith Duerk’s Circle of Stones. It is not a lengthy work but it is packed full of power. The power of women. At the end of each chapter, in bold print, she poses a question. The question usually begins with “how might your life have been different if there had been a place for you. A place of women. A place to go to…”

I am not one to ‘what if’, personally, but that is not what this book does. It is not a book of regret. What it does is pose these questions to touch something within you. Deep within you. Forgotten for millennia. To wake that something up. To cause you to remember. And in causing you to remember, it causes you to see. See how far off we are from where we once were. To know in earnest, in the deepest crevice of your soul that it has not always been this way. And with the knowing comes pain. Not pain that is rooted in negativity, but pain that is now being honored. Pain that comes with finally, FINALLY being validated. Pain of release, of recognition, of acknowledgment, admission, and affirmation. Pain of loss, of longing, of soul-cries.

And with the pain comes tears. Weeping. Soul-weeping. But you are not weeping alone. You are weeping with every woman who was and is, praying with your tears for the women who have yet to come, that the world will be different for them. Praying that you can help to create that difference, that new world. That world where the Feminine is Sacred once more.


6 thoughts on “The Lost Feminine

  1. This is a beautiful post, one of much in the spirit of someone with true vision. So often we tell ourselves to just get on with whatever it is we think is more important than our process of becoming, to which your blog speaks so well. You might also enjoy her second book, I Sit Listening to the Wind. This also reminds me of China Galland’s The Bond Between Women, in which she talks of the importance of having the truth of our injustices and grief recognized. Thank you for writing this!

  2. Thank you, carolyn 🙂 My friend (foxchild) who recommended this book to me said the same thing about I Sit Listening…it is next on my list of books to purchase! It sounds as though Galland’s book is another that might find itself on that list. Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. “The wound that needs to be healed is the wound between women. When that wound is healed, then the wound between men and women can be healed. When the wound between men and women is healed, the family will be healed. When the family is healed, the community is healed. When the community is healed the world will be healed.” China Galland

    Your post expressed that so purely and eloquently, Aerolin. You write with the heart of a healer.

  4. Thank you, Grace…if you haven’t yet read her book, I highly recommend it.

    MW and carolyn – in the mean time, I’ve now ordered “I sit listening…”, “Women who Run…”, and “The Bond Between Women.” I’m so excited to sink my heart into them.

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