The Lost Feminine part II

Over the past few days since I posted The Lost Feminine (part I) – my reaction to Circle of Stones – the post has had more hits than any other post.  Normally, my most recent post will get hits numbering around 4.  On a good day.  That post has had a minimum of 6 hits a day since being posted (today = 8).

I sit here in the middle of my life (figuratively, not chronologically) and think of all the amazing women I know who, like me, are on the verge of uncovering and tapping into their true Self, who are re-discovering the Sacred Feminine, or who are shining an ever-present light on where that Sacred Feminine should be. Each one is searching desperately, eagerly, hungrily for that which has been lost; passionately and gently resurrecting it from the depths.  And as I sit and hold these amazing women  – you who are reading this – warmly in my heart, I see that which has been lost in your faces.  Or, seeing as this is all via internet, in your words.  In the spirit behind your words.  We are re-birthing the Sacred Feminine among each other, each of us a mid-wife to ourselves and the women around us, and we take that out into the world everywhere we go.  As we change, so are we changing the world because we are a part of that world.  In truth, we are that world.


2 thoughts on “The Lost Feminine part II

  1. (((( Aerolin ))) I’m off to read part I…just a note to say I’m on this same journey – and I honor you and all the others who have the courage and hearts to travel here. Goddesses, every one! 🙂

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