Grounding part II

Well, I didn’t do push-ups or crunches last night (having just eaten in a subconscious attempt to ground), but simply acknowledging what was making me feel off helped a great deal.  I realized that I had been doing all sorts of subconscious things to try to ground myself, though none of them were helping.  I also realized the headaches I’ve been experiencing for the past week and a half or so are also probably related to not grounding.  As is my feeling completely exhausted and needing frequent naps.  It sounds a bit antithetical perhaps, but having too much energy can actually make you exhausted.

I am a very physical person and always have been.  When I was little and upset about something, my mom always had to remind me to go pound it out on the piano for a while, go jump on my trampoline, go do gymnastics in the yard.  I always felt better.  In one of my first courses in grad school, we went around and discussed when we felt most alive.  My response: right after kickboxing class.  No matter what is going on in my life, how much stress I am under, if I can get some sort of heavy duty physical activity in, I always feel better.  For me, it’s one of the most powerful ways to ground.

So today, my brain is not a bunch of muckity-muck (thank Goddess), and I finished writing one paper at this point.  I still have another one to go, but I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about it.  Happy Saturday!


7 thoughts on “Grounding part II

  1. ((( Aerolin ))) Are you familiar with the energy alerts at What’s Up On Planet Earth???? For the longest time, I thought that so much of what I was going through was ‘just me’…then I started getting these alerts in the mail. I got another one just today and I thought (again) “my god! that’s so much of what I’ve been going through!”

    If you’re interested, I’ll send you the link 🙂 It might help some to sort out some things…

    AND…please come by my place when you’ve got a minute…I’ve left you something 🙂

  2. 🙂 Here’s the link! I put myself on her email list so as to get them as soon as they come out!

    OK…to put the award up. Right click and save the award to your computer, then open up a new post and upload it. You can ‘save’ the new post, without publishing it.

    Have a “Text” widget ready in your Side Bar area 🙂 Then, go back to the post with the picture in it. Click the “CODE” tab (next to the Visual tab?) There you will see a part of the code that starts with “. You then copy that into the new Text widget, save, and waaalaa!

  3. I suspect your Creative Power is rising from your root and getting stuck in your head, thus the headaches. You might try imagining a vent, like the aperature of a lens, in the very back of your head, right above your neck. Imagine this vent opening and letting all the excess energy out.

    Then there is another way but many of us are repulsed by it. You bring the energy down and ground it, by having sex. Even if it’s just with yourself.


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