Time to slow down

I woke up yesterday feeling refreshed and lovely.  As the day wore on, especially as I started experiencing more school-related stress, I noticed things – patterns of thinking, behavior, etc. that I was not entirely aware I had before, but that I now realize no longer fit with who I wish to be. I keep finding myself starting to “down” myself because I am not some of the other people in my life, don’t have their gifts.  Each time, I gently tell myself that it is okay that I am not them.  I am who I am.  And then the most wonderful feeling comes over me as I can cherish these people more deeply for the gift that they are in my life.  Aren’t I so lucky!  I have the privilege to have all of you in my life!  And I feel truly blessed. 

 One of the other significant themes that has cropped up is how often I rush.  I rush through everything.  I rush through getting online, I rush through looking at all my favorite blogs, I rush through reading (even things I enjoy!), I rush through mundane, routine tasks like unloading the dishwasher or washing dishes, I rush when I’m in my car, I rush when I eat, I rush to try to help friends fix problems when fixing isn’t what they necessarily need or want, I even rush through all these wonderful changes I am experiencing.  I rush just about all the time.  I became aware that I tell myself I’m being efficient with my time, but that isn’t accurate.  In trying to cram everything into as little time as possible, I’m not respecting or valuing the things I am doing or experiencing, and I am almost trying to trick time.  That last bit is silliest of all.  So, I am deciding to slow down.  I am intentionally doing things more slowly so I can savor the experience of them even more.  Even the mundane things.  Especially the mundane things. 

 Everything is sacred.  Those three little words pack quite a punch.  They seem so simple, and yet, when I take the time to really think about every one of those ‘things’ that is sacred, I find myself becoming dizzy.  Everything is sacred because all of life is sacred, and there is nowhere life is not. 

 I was walking the brief walk from my apartment down the two flights of stairs and 200 some feet to the pool patio area the other day, and I was thinking about the composition of things.  I felt the cobble stone walkway beneath my feet and recognized it as hardened earth.  I lifted the knob and opened the wrought iron gate to get into the patio area and again saw earth, this time combined with fire, and cooled by air and water to maintain its shape.  I began looking around at everything, seeing the basic elements represented in all these objects I usually don’t think twice about, let alone hold as sacred or am truly thankful for.  My laptop is a fascinating combination of the elements – plastic and metal pieces, electric signals sent between and received by circuits and chips, ink labels on keys to designate functions, fan whirring to keep all the parts from overheating…

 For me, slowing down means being able to see all these sacred details of my existence that surround me every day and to learn to appreciate them and be thankful for them in the most heartfelt of ways. I feel lik embracing everything as sacred is a small way of reaching out into the universe because all of those elements are within me as well, and my embracing that, I connect more fully with the rest of existence.  And I am.  


7 thoughts on “Time to slow down

  1. What a wonderful reminder! I, too, say that all things are sacred, yet if you look at what I DO everyday, that believe is not apparent. Slowing down seems to be one of those things that would help my inward reality become outwardly visible. Thank you for this post…and for many things!

  2. ((( Aerolin )))

    Learning to embrace, love and celebrate our uniqueness is one of the most challenging yet exhilarating journeys we can take! Like you, I occasionally struggle with comparing myself to others, and (in most cases) finding myself lacking. These days my comparisons are mostly superficial – as I’ve become a “woman of a certain age” and who’s body has been taken trips South on it’s own without me! LOL 😉 In this stage of my life, I’ve come to value the inner life so much more for that reason.

    And the beautiful thing is, The Divine Mother has ensured that each of us is both uniquely different and sacredly the ‘same’ as each other – sort of like snowflakes or flowers or trees. I couldn’t imagine walking up to an orchid (who lives and thrives in one particular environment) and say to it, “Ha! What a sissy you are! A cactus is SO much stronger!”

    Do you know what I mean????

    You bring your own One-Of-A-Kind Song to the Play of the Universe….THANK YOU for that! I need to hear that voice as does everyone else in your circle of influence…

    hummm Slowing down. You are NOT alone in that journey, either. Part of it is the huge energies we’re all surfing these days 🙂 Another thing I’m reminded of is this: The Divine Feminine is VERY much about “Being”, vs. “Doing”.

    As a quadruple Aries chick, this has been quite a difficult lesson for me at times.

    STOP and smell the roses <<<<< someone very smart once said that. Bet it was a woman! Lolol 😉

  3. Just being able to acknowledge that sacredness, even if you can’t slow down to fully appreciate it is a huge step in the right direction. I find, even that simple act, helps my entire day be more mindful.

  4. Grace – Hugs!! Yes, the comparing to others. For me, it’s mostly all the ‘inner things’ and not superficial, though I’ve been there, too.

    Thank you for listening to my song and wanting to hear it!!

    Fox – Indeed, it is a step in a good direction. 🙂

  5. Yes, the sacred is in the mundane…the things we utilize and take for granted every day. The sacred is also in the amazing, which is the Divine, multi-faceted Being that is You! Your awareness emanates.

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