The Divine Masculine

Note: I use the following terms synonymously – Divine, Sacred, True – when describing the Feminine and the Masculine.

Recently, I have begun trying to understand the place of the Divine Masculine. I realize this may come as a surprise since I don’t think I have ever discussed this topic here before. It came as a bit of a surprise to me as well, but it was one of those things that the Universe knocked me upside the head with. It was time to open myself to learning the True essence of the Divine Masculine and more fully let go of the essence I had had ingrained in me as a child growing up in the Christian Church. My initial fears were potent: if I let the Divine Masculine in, it’ll take over and the Sacred Feminine I have worked so hard to exhume from the depths of my being will be snuffed out; the Divine Masculine is really a more powerful representation of the Patriarchical masculine; there cannot be a balance between the two; the Sacred Feminine needs my voice more than the Divine Masculine does, and if I let it in, my voice will again be lost after my just having found it, etc.

I think those of us who (re)discover the Sacred Feminine in our lives feel the need to cling to it, to hold on for dear life and never open our clenched little fists from around our Mother’s skirts. I think this is wholly understandable for many women. I want to be clear in that. When my friend Fox first brought up her desire to address the True Masculine a month or so ago, I responded with the rage of Lillith. NO!! I roared. It is not time yet! The Masculine has had his time and look what he has done with it! Now is the time for the Sacred Feminine! I remember being surprised at the strength of my reaction to her. But as she explained that while the Sacred Feminine has been lost, the True Masculine has been perverted into Patriarchy, I knew that I knew it was True. What is paraded around right now, particularly by the Church, as the Divine Masculine is not the Divine Masculine at all. It is the Patriarchy in costume.

As I’ve begun to embrace the concept of Oneness as Truth, I have realized that I cannot exclude a full half of that One, and that I would need to begin to try to See the Divine Masculine for what it truly is and eliminate what it is not. But my fear of it overpowering the feminine still remained. How do I study the Divine Masculine while remaining firmly rooted in my Sacred Femininity?

I began reading I Sit Listening by Judith Duerk – the sequel to Circle of Stones. In it, Duerk describes the Yang within each woman and what it can do to her inner Yin. I haven’t finished the book yet, but so far, some of the content is rubbing me the wrong way. I’ve interpreted (and I don’t remember if she explicitly stated this) the Yang as each woman’s Divine Masculine, and I have serious issue with Duerk saying that a major quality of the Yang is to dominate. She describes its approach as bold, direct, demonstrative (which I do agree with), but what I See in her description is not the Divine Masculine as it is the Patriarchy. That, to me, is not the Divine Masculine. I’m just beginning the struggle of wrapping myself around it, but so far, the best way (and what I think of as the Truest way) for me to conceptualize the True Masculine and the Sacred Feminine is that each is the other’s beloved. They ache for each other equally. And let me tell you, it is huge for me to sit here, type this, and say that, from what I’ve read so far, Judith Duerk doesn’t get what the Divine Masculine in a woman CAN BE. We are told that these kind of circumstances are depictions of ‘hubris of the young/ignorant/insert any other word here.’ That is the kind of experience that is meant to quiet us, to steal our voice. I refuse to succumb to it anymore. I am celebrating this moment as I tune in to my inner knowing and say that a woman who is a published author might be wrong. And maybe as I continue reading, these issues will be addressed, but I am not going to lose out on the opportunity to revel in asserting my inner knowing.

But Duerk does address our need to stay grounded in our Sacred Feminine while not shutting the Masculine out. So what will this look like for me as I explore the Divine Masculine in its Truth? My inner knowing tells me that I need to explore it in its relation to the Divine Feminine. To study the two and their dynamic with each other. I feel that this is how we will bring about a more equal society. If we are to only study the Sacred Feminine, little will be in place to stop the pendulum from swinging to the other side. But if we are to study the Truth of the Two together, we stand a far greater chance of ending up where, I believe, we are meant to be.

And yet, I think it is equally important to sit and be with where we are right now, how far off we have gotten. Not in the sense of stagnation and wallowing so as to not be able to move forward, but as a sense of honoring our pain and suffering so that we can truly Know where it is we have been and where it is we need to go. How very stereotypically Masculine it is to immediately try to fix something, and yet, how very extreme Feminine it is to sit with something and let it marinate in our beings, perhaps some times too long. Do you see? The two need each other.

I came to my parents for Thanskgiving and as I was waiting for my mom to get home from work and my dad had left for his work several hours before, I went to their piano. I used to play piano for about 11 yrs and was pretty good, though I haven’t played in a long time. I started out with a simple blues line. And as I was playing, I began to see it in music, too. The Masculine is the left hand base line providing the structure for the Feminine melody to be showcased in the right. And how wonderful that even in that they were switched – the right was Feminine and the left was Masculine. Balance.

During a recent conversation with signmom when I realized a lot of the fears I have about opening myself to the Divine Masculine, she explained how she saw the relationship of the Divine Masculine and Feminine with each other. She spoke of the face of an opal and told me how if you look at one part of an opal in a certain light, it might be blue. Then, if you tilt it to a slightly different angle, that same part becomes another color. So it is with the Divine Masculine and Feminine. They are not two separate entities, they are parts of a whole, fluid, with one moving through the other constantly.


10 thoughts on “The Divine Masculine

  1. This is a wonderful, thoughtful, insightful post! It must be something in the air — I have been trying to put together a post on the Divine Masculine also but haven’t been able to put my thoughts together yet. I think I first began to fully understand what, to me, is the spirit of the Divine Masculine when I came across a young man who had this wonderful “Let’s get moving for the cause!” attitude and brought it together that enthusiastic, bold, active energy with deep compassion. Since then I have recognized it in many other delightful, caring, wise men who are working hard to make our world better. I love the idea of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine being reflections of the same qualities. Of course, we all have each within us and it is up to us to make use of each aspect of those qualities as we choose and as is appropriate for the moment.

  2. What I loVe about Native American spirituality is the balance. Both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, in people and in nature, are honored and celebrated.

    I posted a Native American prayer for Thanksgiving that is a perfect example of that crucial balance. I found it to be a wonderful any occasion prayer for attuning me to the Divine Masculine along with the Divine Feminine, you may find it works well for you too.

    It’s true, the Divine Masculine is not the patriarchy. The patriarchy is the anti-thesis of the Divine Masculine.

    There’s a good article at the site below about using the Native American Medicine Wheel to balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. There is a ceremony included in the article.

  3. carolyn,

    Thank you! I agree – I think many of us women who have found our roots in the Feminine are now ready to receive the teachings and the True Essence of the Divine Masculine. Blessings and love to you!


    I adored the Native prayer you posted, and yes, the Patriarchy is definitely the anti-thesis of the Divine Masculine. Thank you for this wonderful link! I started reading and it was one of those experiences of seeing all the thoughts that have been bubbling around my heart and head on the screen in front of me! I haven’t gotten to the ceremony part yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Huge blessings and love to you!

  4. Beautifully written Aerolin.

    If I may Illuminate something…the perspective of ‘the feminine’ being some kind of a VICTIM of ‘the masculine’, is a perverted and distorted fairy tale. It’s a COMPLETE sham.

    And that’s all I’m going to say here, for I realize this consciousness virus, this sick perspective, is very much a part of a lot of women’s realities. And I wish no offense.

    Masculine is Willpower. Feminine is Feeling. Most of us women do NOT claim responsibility and accountibility for the ideas in our heads or the way in which these ideas are related together. Nor do most of us claim our emotions AS ours. Instead we whine about being ‘victims’.

    If I imagine I’m a victim, then there have to be villians in order for me to be happy. “Patriarchy”, pretty much fulfilling that requirement.

  5. I mean REALLY, what sort of a “Goddess” is a Victim? Doesn’t sound much like a ‘god’anything. Much less Divine anything.

    Either that or our idea of Divine and our ‘god concept’ must be pretty low on the substance scale when it comes to quality of character.

  6. Sue Ann –

    WOW. Thank you for posting this, and I’d welcome you to explore whatever ideas you hesitated to explore in an attempt not to stir up conflict. Please – GO AHEAD! You could also email it to me if you’d rather, but I had never realized the Truth of what you’re saying until just now reading it. And hell yes – what sort of Goddess is a victim! Beautiful! I had no idea how much I was minimizing Her until you so beautifully called me on my shit. I love it. Do it again!! 🙂

  7. The Goddess, the Divine Feminine, is never a victim and the Divine Masculine in true form, is never a victimizer. The Divine Feminine (or Goddess if preferred) and the Divine Masculine are the epitome of healthy empowerment, balance, sacred synergy, Divine identity, and the greater good.

    I internalize their symbolism best as Yab-Yum, which is the Tibetan Buddhist term for the Mother-Father Union. Yab-Yum represents the Mother-Father unification of wisdom, sacral chakra sensuality, balance, equalization, compassion, and proficient wisdom processing.

    I haven’t posted about Tibetan Buddhist Yab-Yum symbolism and meaning yet, but in writing this, I’m inspired to in the very near future! I’m off to compose.

    With Yummy Yab-Yum LoVe, MW

  8. The nature of the Divine Masculine, as I understand, is indeed to be dominant. This is NOT an aggressive, abusive form of dominance. Imagine a powerful man who holds you with love. His intent is not to harm you, but to protect you and love you. But for him to be able to do this, you must surrender to his embrace.

    This is my understanding of the relationship between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine: The feminine surrenders to the masculine, as the masculine directs the flow of creation and the feminine gives birth to it. The Masculine holds the codes of design, and sees the ‘big picture,’ and the Feminine contains the force necessary to give these designs ‘life’. Without one, the other cannot individually create. Cosmic-creator-intelligence (masculine) and Cosmic-creator-force (feminine) must be combined for anything to be created.

  9. Zeus – thanks for sharing your ideas here. I see the word ‘dominant’ as being far too loaded for me to be comfortable using when speaking of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. I agree that the Divine Masculine is a protector and lover, however, I don’t agree with the idea of surrendering to his embrace. I was talking with my beloved about this, and she articulated what was in my head of not seeing the Divine Feminine ever surrender to the Divine Masculine, thus we are not asked to surrender to Him. I see it much more as an act of each joining the other.
    I also disagree with what you say regarding the idea that the Divine Masculine holds the codes and sees the big picture because I think that both the Divine Feminine and Masculine do this – it is not solely one Divinity’s “job.”
    The impression I get (and I recognize this may not be what you intended) from reading your ideas is that though there is cooperation and union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, when I read what you write, the “roles/jobs” they have don’t seem to have equal energy to me, and I strongly disagree with that.
    I wrote the original post here over a year ago, and when I look at the Divine Feminine and Masculine now (whom I refer to as Momma and Papa), I see them dancing each other and the world through and to life and creating together. I don’t see one surrendering to the other, I see them reaching for each other and gettin’ their groove on to bring new life into being. 😉

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