New beginnings

Over the past couple days I have reached a level of new beginning and becoming on my path. I had been walking my path with the energy of an adolescent, expecting it to simply be there as if I were on a moving sidewalk, and it would take me to where I wanted to go without my having to exert or expend any significant amount of energy. I recently began reading the book The Feminine Face of God, a work that explores the spiritual development of women. While reading, I came across a striking idea – a question and challenge each woman interviewed for the book faced during her spiritual journey: It is not enough to be a child of God, how do I become an adult of God?

The women in the book answered this question/challenge in numerous ways. I answered it by fully surrendering my Self to the Goddess without condition. I hadn’t realized it but before, I had only given my Self conditionally. I gave my Self if it meant that I didn’t have to experience fear or uncertainty, if everything in my life remained secure, if I received from Her what I wanted and needed, etc. But no relationship – particularly one with the Divine – can ever be fulfilling and whole if we do not give it everything we are without condition.

Since I have done that, I find my Self revitalized with new energy, an energy of beginning. An energy of wholeness. An energy of potential. Suddenly, it feels as though doors that had been closed to me can now be opened and will be when it is time. The blockage I felt surrounding me and closing in on me has disappeared. And I realize that what had been blocking me was myself.


4 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Your new energy is a powerful one, and I like the “adult of God” idea!

    I totally understand what you are going through about the closed doors (or walls). I did a similar post a while back. hee, hee.

    “Every wall is a door” ~Emerson

    I am looking forward to reading about your New Beginnings! 🙂

  2. Welcome back, gypsy-heart! Yes, the adult of God(dess) idea is lovely, isn’t it? I keep coming across the idea of growing into adulthood or leaving childhood now.

    It’s amazing in that while I was initially scared by the whole surrender thing, I find that instead of feeling less myself, I have never felt more myself!

  3. Surrender in this way is a beautiful thing. And with the energies of the New Moon with us, all the New Beginnings are sure to thrive.

    This complete surrender is something I’ve been working on for several months now, and I haven’t been sorry 🙂 It hasn’t all been ‘easy’, but it’s all been worth it.

    Namaste, Aerolin

  4. No, indeed, it is not an easy thing, and it seems to me that it is not a one-time-and-then-it’s-done-forever type of thing either. It feels to me continual, a choice we make again and again and again. I agree with you – it’s definitely worth it. Blessings to you – it’s lovely to see you here!

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