Back on track

Last night, I felt that a bath was in order.  I felt how much I couldn’t hear the Momma talk to me when I was feeling like I was, how disconnected I was.  Water is an excellent conductor in terms of reconnecting with Divinity.  Some of the clearest and most powerful conversations I have had with the Momma have been during tub time.  I made up a playlist of music, lit some candles, poured an essential oil blend into the water, and settled in.  I knew that there was one song in particular on my playlist that was going to knock me on my ass.  Right when it started to play, Momma told me that She was dedicating this song  to me and to hear it as if She were singing it to me (this you tube video isn’t the point – I couldn’t figure out a way to just get the song, so it’s the lyrics that are the most important). 

I was, of course balling my eyes out as I listened to it.  And I recalled a very powerful post I read yesterday by Sue Ann at Always Embraces All Ways.  I realized that I had stopped seeing this transformation as a manifestation of the Momma’s love for me as I had previously posted just because it had gotten a little harder, because I felt stretched a bit more and in my vision, I had no idea how I could possibly do this.  So I decided to follow Sue Ann’s words of wisdom and began asking to see this differently.

This morning when I woke up, got my cup of coffee and took it and a pack of cigarettes out on my balcony, I felt differently.  Whereas over the past two days, I have felt my energy all balled up and blocked inside me again like it had been at the beginning of this transformation, this morning, I felt it flowing freely once more.  I felt the Momma with me, and I looked at the situation I am facing and no longer felt like I was suffocating.  Instead, I felt a deep sense of peace, of faith, of competence and an ability to walk through whatever She has set before me.  I felt joy. I felt a sense of coming back to my Self.


4 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. {{{Hugs}}}

    Thank You for popping up so I could ‘see’ you!

    We’ve all been going through a ‘ringer’ over the pas couple of months. And your references to Momma, were what *dinged* my Intuition.

    No matter our physical circumstances, for they are all like props in our Plays, on our Inner levels, we’ve been feeling the same as we did when when were going through Momma’s birth canal.

    I know *this* experience from feeling separated from Momma. I was Aware when being born, that from the moment of my 1st breathe, I would be forever separated from Momma. Never to know her smell, her feel, her voice, ever again.

    So my scream was one of terror when I was born.

    Right into the hands of another ‘Momma’. Many of Them. Who were dedicated to being nurturing of my Being. Doctors, nurses, nuns, priests, lawyers, investigators, social workers, all dedicated to caring for ‘me’.

    So I compare what we have just been through, as a stage of being born, only on another level. On a Spiritual level.

    Divine doesn’t mean superhuman. And with the “I AM”, I have such a wonderful makeup kit of palates and colors and tones to choose from, and all I need do is call upon them. That’s the way “I” makeup my mind!

  2. YES! It is very much a re-birthing! I find it encouraging to know that many are going through this experience or something very similar to it. It is so lovely to hear from you – like a cool drink of water when my throat and mouth are parched, and I am in desperate need of rehydrating to help me remember that I Am Life. Many blessings to you…

  3. Sue Ann’s comment was very sage. I am happy that you…

    “felt joy. I felt a sense of coming back to my Self.”

    Just remember the re-birthing will happen over and over..thank goodness for each time is a step closer to what we truly are…

  4. I agree, gypsy-heart! What I find kind of ironic is that each re-birthing seems to bring greater challenges, yet also seems easier in a way. It’s a building on what I have already experienced, already accomplished and walked through, and my trust in the Momma grows with each one to allow me to move through the challenges with more grace than before though it doesn’t always appear that way 😉 Love and light to you…

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