Who says TV is bad?

I was in Borders the other day and picked up the first season of Charmed.  When I was more active on a Pagan chat forum I joined a number of years ago, people (particularly teenagers) were always joining and asking how they could learn to do things they saw on Charmed.  They wanted to move things with their minds, light candles by thinking about it, shoot things from their hands, etc.  They were always admonished by the staff who promptly told them that those type of things were impossible.

A number of years ago, shortly after I first met my beloved at this same forum, she gave me a Theta phone appointment. During the appointment, one of the things she said to me was something along the lines of, “You’re like me – you believe anything is possible.”  Since then, we’ve talked numerous times about those people who would join the forum and ask how to do things they saw on Charmed, and she always told me how irritated she got when the staff and others would say it wasn’t possible. It was and is very possible, but it’s all built on a serious, intense, and deep connection to Divinity.

After we first got together and were visiting, my belief that anything was possible was kindled.  I was working with elements and magickally heating myself and others up when we were cold, I was slowing down the wind or stopping it altogether.  In January of this past year was when I first learned that through the course of our relationship, I was going to undergo a major transformation and be someone totally different than who I was at that point when things really got underway.  During my last visit with her in August, she pointed out to me that I had lost that belief that anything was possible.  I think the massive resistance I felt when I first learned of the transformation, the work that I knew would be required to get through it, the stress I experienced, and the trials over the past however-many-months-it-has-been extinguished it.  Thankfully, she downloaded it for me again.

There’s a reason why I don’t have cable.  I get sucked into TV like nobody’s business.  But I do allow myself a DVD player.  After I bought the Charmed DVD set, I promptly began watching it marathon-like.  During the second day of my marathon, I checked in with the Momma to make sure I wasn’t supposed to be doing anything else.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about vegging in front of the TV from time to time, and though I hadn’t heard anything from Her telling me I should be doing something other than that, checking seemed like a good idea.  However, She just said, No, you fine, baby.  But after this next episode, you need to shower.  So, I got into the shower, and as soon as I was in, She started talking.  She explained to me that while my beloved had downloaded the belief that anything was possible, it was as though it had yet to be “activated,” for lack of a better word. Watching this show into which I totally get sucked in helped to trigger my imagination which brought out the child within me who believes anything is possible and thus activates that belief.  Huh.  Cool!

There’s an episode during this season in which Piper, Pru, and Phoebe go back in time to when they were little and Phoebe wasn’t even born yet.  After they convince their mom and Grams that they are who they say they are, Grams says that she’s going to work on a spell to get them back to their time.  Piper asks, stunned, Wait, you can do that?  Grams’s response tickled me pink: We’re Witches, dear.  We can do anything.


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