And the Wheel turns…

I remarked in August (I think) how I could feel the autumn beginning.  It felt like an undercurrent, lying beneath the heat and humidity of summer, slowly making its way to the surface.  It’s getting closer and closer as summer yields to it, and the humidity here in Georgia has dissipated, if not died altogether, for the year.  I was able to turn off my air conditioning today and just open some windows.

I remember a visit to my beloved back in April or so when I attended the class she was teaching to some of her other students.  The topic of that class was the Wheel of the Year.  We talked about how it’s important to keep up with the Wheel of the Year and the shifting energies around us, lest the Wheel “run us over.”  The shifting energies impact everyone, Pagan or whatever path.  Around that particular time, it was nearing Beltane – the biggest fertility holiday of the Pagan year and a time when sexy energies are running rampant all around us as all the animals seek mates and the plants and flowers bloom in earnest.  While it’s easy for me to see why it’s important to not be caught off guard during that time of year especially, I think it’s equally important to not be caught off guard during other seasons of the Wheel either.

The equinox, Mabon, is just around the corner (this Monday).  Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals of the Pagan year, a sort of Pagan Thanksgiving, and a time of balance.  A time when our ancestors brought in the harvest to store it for the coming winter and prepared to plant bulbs that would need to rest in the cold earth until the spring came.  I love this time of year.  This time when the Momma begins to enter her crone phase and the Papa the Horned One or Stag King phase before He sacrifices himself at Samhain so that His children may live.  I have long felt a connection with the Dark Mother, her crone face, that Kali energy, and the destroyer archeytpe which clears out the old to make room for the new.


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