Rebirthing and transformation

For the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that I  have had the feeling of being pushed out of the space that I am in.  I have been challenged to move out of my comfort zone that I have grown accustomed to and in which I feel “safe.”  When I have looked around at the people that I know, I’ve seen that most, if not all, of them are feeling and experiencing something similar.  I do not believe in coincidence, and when I encounter situations such as these when so many people seem to be going through the same experience, each in their own ways, I look to see what’s going on in the universe via astrology, I look to the Wheel of the Year to see if what we’re experiencing is reflected there. As of yet, I haven’t found a credible and reliable source for astrological events, which means that I’m focusing on the Wheel of the Year.

This time of year is one of birthing and rebirthing as spring begins in earnest.  When I began reflecting on the process of birthing, Momma pointed out that birthing can be a very difficult and messy process.  Even the “easy” births are usually filled first with pain and difficulty, so it’s understandable that the more complicated births be even harder, more painful, and messier.  Then I read some comments on Sue Ann’s blog about leaving our comfort zones in order to grow. What else is the womb but the ultimate comfort zone? Yet, we obviously cannot stay in that space forever. There comes that point when we have to leave the womb, that safe haven, that point when staying in it becomes dangerous even to our Selves. Perhaps that is part of what is going on right now.

The opportunity for rebirth (transformation) throughout the course of a single life time presents itself again and again. When we have grown as much as we can in a certain space and energy there is nothing left for us there, staying there means stagnation and static, and can even be painful. Yet, it’s become comfortable and safe for us. We know that space. We have chartered its territory and there are few, if no, surprises any more. We adapted and learned the new “rules” and experiences of that space. New manifestations of cause and effect. We forget as time passed that when we first entered it that it felt terrifying, harsh, unpredictable, unsteady, unstable, perhaps even unknowable. This forgetting disables us from seeing that we moved through that time, that we grew through that time, possibly and probably more than we thought we were capable of. And so we freeze as our safe space begins to poke us and prod us to leave because it knows we cannot stay, we are not meant to. We resist and fight in order to stay and make our journey even more painful in the process (we create our own reality). We see previews of the new manifestations of cause and effect in the new space and allow our fears to rule us, paralyze us, underestimating our Selves the entire time.

I have forgotten what it took to get me where I am. I have forgotten that when I left the last space I was in that I grew in ways I never thought I could, that I experienced great joy and love through the lessons the most recent unfamiliar-turned-familiar space I walked through brought me. The new space that is awaiting my full arrival and presence right now  is one where I need to fully embrace Trust and Surrender, more so than I ever have before. The landscape appears unnavigable from where I sit right now and most of the tools I currently have will not suffice. I remind myself that I felt the same way the last time I was being evicted from my comfort zone and choose to trust that I will find new tools, I will find new ways of using the tools I have. I choose to surrender, to leap and trust that the net will appear.

If you’re like me, then you also, when confronted by uncomfortable experiences, focus almost solely on what your fears dictate.  Let me offer you a reframe for this time to counter what your fears are saying: a (re)birth is a beautiful and fabulous thing.  It is something to be celebrated because you could not be experiencing it if you had not grown all that you could possibly grow in the space in which you’ve been.  You have learned all the lessons you could in that space and now you are ready and are capable of learning new lessons, of having new experiences.  I invite you to take Joy in that and find Peace in knowing that you’ve been through this experience before, and you can sail through it again. Many blessings as you continue on your journey.


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