Attn: Mme. Mosquito

Dear Madame Mosquito,

Hello. I am new to the north Florida area and was not aware that, upon establishing residence here I also signed up as a blood donor for the females of your species. I am, admittedly, unaccustomed and ignorant of how matters such as these are conducted in this area and so I thought I would write you to officially notify you and your sisters that I am revoking my permission and formally withdrawing my status as a blood donor to your species. The purpose of this missive is certainly not intended to insult you or your kind or to make any judgments as to your species or its continued existence. From what I understand, the general geographic area in which I now reside is quite populated, and I imagine that even without my assistance, you and your people will have no difficulties finding sustenance elsewhere.  If you would please hastily communicate my new donor status to the rest of your female family members operating in my area, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time, attention, and rapid adherence to my instructions.

Most sincerely,


P.s. If I might be so bold as to offer one piece of constructive feedback regarding your operations: It might be wisest, concerning the continuation of your species, to inform your family members not to stick or have multiple blood draw technicians working on a single individual. Because of the skin irritation that results from the sticks of your people, those in my species tend to become angry, seek revenge, and then plot the death of you and yours.

P.p.s. I noticed that those blood draw technicians who sought me out seemed particularly interested in the area of my feet and ankles. I am not certain whether you notice this hyper attention to this certain area to lead to negative consequences, social or occupational dysfunctioning, or personal distress among your family members; but, if so, I happen to work in the mental health industry and would be happy to refer you to a professional who specializes in fetishes.


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