Thank You

My very wise Teacher taught me the importance of expressing gratitude, recognition, and giving credit to magic when what I (or we) have worked manifests or prayers show evidence of being heard. Last night I came home from my fourth day of training at the restaurant, completely exhausted. After I had recounted the most important details of my shift, my Beloved and I went out to our patio for a cigarette. She began recounting to me parts of her day. She smiled as she regaled the story of the newest kitten who adopted us shortly before we moved jumping into the pool (a total of three times, after she scooped him out twice) and following her around as she cleaned it. My Beloved has a stunning smile, and as I watched her whole face light up with the story and listened to her laughing, I saw that a glimmer of her had returned to her. A tightness in my chest unravelled, and the air entering my lungs has possibly never been so sweet.

I know the road ahead of us may be long and winding. I know moving through a Dark Night such as this is a process, as my Sacred Sister Grace, recently helped me remember. And I know that Momma and Papa heard my cries the other day, and perhaps some angels decked out in body glitter and sporting spiked purple hair, too.  Thank You. And thank you, Beloved, for holding on.


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