Healing ambivalent attachment

It’s not my first time here

The scent of inattention

rises, detritus of stars


fills my lungs with

tired cries, how long my time

had they besought?

Now with my presence

darkness threatens,

wordless lamentations scream

Grief so pure now

long-fermented flows

from cracks

beneath my feet.

But I have not

come here unarmored, unprepared

or unaware

I reach for Source

now unencumbered

to the Darkness,

I declare

“I have come to shed,

to share


on that which was neglected

No more will you

need to seek

outside this space

your worth’s reflection.”

In a breath, the waters still

in murky, troubled


swollen tongues

taste my Truth,

and sigh in

reverent obeisance.