Happy writing!

I have finally buckled down, put on my writing cap (not literally, though if I did have a literal writing cap, I think I would want it to be in a magenta, silver, and gold plaid newsboy style), and got back to working on my book which I’ve, admittedly, been neglecting. I have finished the first draft of my first chapter, and I find I am filled with all sorts of bubbly and excited energy. It doesn’t matter that I know I’ll revise it probably a billion times before the whole book is done, it doesn’t matter that I know I need to improve my writing in and of itself, it doesn’t matter that I have a zillion and one ideas as to where I want it to go from here and (at the moment at least) I don’t know how it will unfold, it doesn’t matter that I want a huge part of it to take place in South Carolina and that I’ve never spent any time in South Carolina and so don’t really know what it’s like there and wouldn’t it be awesome if I could take a road trip and spend time there, but we definitely don’t have the funds for that right now, etc. See, bubbly. What does matter is that I decided I needed to take time to write and I did. What does matter is that I am following Momma and Papa’s directions and working on it. What does matter is that I commit myself to continue this work and to improve and to communicate what Momma and Papa tell me is needed so that this book can be both entertaining and healing for those who will one day read it. I trust that everything will unfold and fall into place as it’s time. Speaking of time, at the moment, I need to get some help from some other writers and readers that I trust to provide me with some good, solid, constructive feedback. 🙂